MUNICIPAL VOTE NOVEMBER 5 2017 – GRACEFIELD Summary of responses


Summary of responses from questions asked on behalf of cottagers in the area


Candidate Top 5 budget priorities Additional


for seasonal residents
Sustainable development plan


– Better financial management- No always deal w/ tax increases

– Commit to rurality
– Develop downtown area
– Regional leadership

No: wants to stop managing the city beyond its means – Roads
– “We have to do something”: wants to set up a “rurality committee” with seasonal residents
– Business experience in Maple Sugar Shack
– President of Coop in Gracefield (12 years)- 15 years in Municipal sector_ Graduated in Administration

Joanne Poulin



– Roads: lists several regional roads
– Urbanism & environment: protection of lakes, shores and coastlines, septic tank, garbage; encourage to recycling and composting.
– Lightening requests for permit for small renovations- Public Security is important: we must follow the fire risk cover scheme, train firemen, educate, (…) flooding etc. Protection of our people.
– Maintenance of quality of the drinking water house and sewage plant
– Leisure and culture, economic development, embellishment, municipal infrastructure, health clinic, etc.
No, however, as a mayor, I must consider at least the consumer price index as all services increase each year as well as employees’ annual raise. We have no control on new evaluation of the properties – The roads on the Northfield sector have been considerably neglected over the last 15 years and would definitely push that the roads be upgraded and paved.
– I would like to have at least one or more permanent and mandatory boat wash stations to protect our lakes
– Nuisance control has always been a priority and we will pursue over this matter, install jute canvass wherever there is a need for limiting damages to our lakes
– We now have an employee trained to ensure that we trap and control beavers’ nuisance as they had caused road damages etc.
Economic Development I am seeking for is not around lakes. It is downtown or at the downtown proximity.
– Lakes are our wealth and I do want to preserve them as much as we can.
– We vigorously apply our regulation on Coastal Shoreline Protection: we are presently working on the Lac-Heney one along with the Municipality of Lac Ste-Marie so that we follow the same guidelines.
Seat # 1
– Roads (Désormeaux & Poisson Blanc)
– Urbanism & Development
– Public security
– Leisure & culture
– Economic Development
No – Upgrade roads particularly around Heney, which have been in disrepair for too long
– Have boat washing stations around ALL lakes
Lakes are fragile and more development around them would not be durable; wants to control overdevelopment near waterways.
– Further Development should be around town, not on lakes
Seat # 2
– Financial Management as a team
– Control tax increases
– Team Player: wants to offer services at reasonable costs
– Wishes for fair distribution of budget- Wants a balanced budget
No – Invest in rural roads
– Listen to seasonal residents needs and establish an action plan that would be achievable in short and middle term
– Protect the environment

– Create jobs in agriculture and tourism
– Encourage “buy local”
– Wants to work in a team to encourage development of small businesses and promote the region and local culture

Seat # 3
Sustainable infrastructure development, for example not covering an asphalt road that has not been prepared to receive it.
– Attract investors to create jobs and increase the quality of life of citizens by the very fact
-Conservation of the territory’s water bodies, among other things by educating users and riparian owners
– Have proper monitoring and maintenance of the Gracefield area water treatment plants and drinking water treatment plant to reduce repair costs and optimize service life
– Maintenance of existing services for citizens (CLSC, doctors’ office)
Tax increases are justifiable only if the elected officials have shown exemplary control of expenses; otherwise they are unjustified for all citizens and vacationers- Before moving forward with a new project, we must be sure to have the means and this in order to avoid tax increases disproportionate. I cannot really answer that question until I have read the portion of the budget allocated to the different application and taken the pulse of the population. After public consultation it will be easier to put in place a realistic action plan. Economic development, that is to say new employment from the private sector and continue the development of tourism to bring new money to our beautiful city. The reopening of a club like the mountaineers is also necessary to promote the seeding of the lakes.


Seat # 3
– Stabilize municipal taxes
– Road maintenance & repairs
– Create an eco-centre
– Protect lakes and stock them with fish
– Ensure entrepreneurs invest in our city
– Wishes each sector receives the money that is owe to them from taxes so they can fix roads and infrastructure
No: they went up too high compared to the poor services we receive It all depends on the needs of cottagers. Make sure they get the services they’re supposed to get and that the roads are repaired Have other companies that would come and set up business here so that they create jobs.
Seat # 5
– Protect lakes & rivers
– Better financial management
– Road
– Economic Development
– Continue investing in families and leisure
NO: opposed 2017 budget because of inequality in distribution: town VS rural (for sewers & water plant) Has been trying “for years” to put stone dust on rural roads because it’s more compact and less maintenance than recycled asphalt Continue to protect shorelines, fight milfoil and control sceptic systems near waterways
Seat # 5
Make Gracefield More welcoming & safer
– Listen to new ideas
– Encourage economic development
– Keep health services in place (CLSC and doctors offices) accessible
Will have to find out more; does not know the situation yet. Feels increase is very high indeed. – Conservation and preservation of lakes on the city’s territory
– Hire a biologist for the improvement of lakes
– Make website more convivial and complete
– Continue development of agro-tourism
– Durable road management
– Attract investors (hotel project, housing development)
– Improve services around cycle path- Create jobs in areas other than forestry
Seat # 6
– Expense management and control of budget
– Inventory all assets; Set up 3-year plan- Set up training for municipal personnel
– Create a plan to attract businesses and help support businesses to create jobs in the area.
– Complete analysis of roads in town of Gracefield; make a plan to repair roads
Must analyse everything.
– High increases in the past are due to bag management in the past, not just the last 4 years.- It is essential to  stop tax increases.- It is unfair to see such increases when services aren’t the same for everyone.
Rural road paving
– Access to information and activities in Gracefield
– Control of animals and protection of lakes
– Public access to lakes; make them accessible to all tourists
– Active listening to and involvement of cottagers in decision making
– Improvement of services to cottagers
– Beautification of territory (not only the village)
– Establish a plan for road repairs
– 3-year plan for road repairs
– Forest and lake protection plan
– Development plan for small and mid-size enterprises- Work with MRC to promote sustainable development
– Human resources development plan


Replies not received from:


Réal Rochon


Seat # 1:

Claude Gauthier (incumbent)

Manon Ferland


Seat # 2:
Valérie Collin

Alain Labelle



Seat # 3
Jocelyne Johnson


Seat # 4

Katy Barbe

Nathalie Barbe

Madeleine Caron Desrosiers

Jean-Marie Gauthier


Seat # 6

Bernard Duffy

Claire Rondeau

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