Fall 2015 Newsletter

We hope everyone had a great summer up at the lake! For those of you that are lucky enough to keep the cottage open all year, may you also have a wonderful winter!

The FLP has some brief updates below. Before the spring, expect more from us, as we overhaul our website, make changes to the board and drive membership.

Abandoned docks

In the spring of 2014 it was brought to the FLP’s attention by concerned cottagers that there were abandoned docks floating at various locations on the lake. All abandoned docks pose a safety threat to boaters and a potential threat to the aquatic environment.

In August FLP board members and friends managed to retrieve and dispose of 6 docks. Michel Reginbald, a local contractor, helped us load and properly dispose of the docks.

When a dock is due to be replaced, please dispose of the dock in a responsible way. This includes disassembling the dock and disposing of the smaller pieces, or contacting your local contractor to do the same. We still managed to make a good day of the hard work!

DSCN2943 DSCN2946


As cottagers know, milfoil is an invasive species that continues to be a concern on our lake. With the help of the FLP members over the years, we have monitored its growth and continue to look for action plans to manage and reduce its invasion.

The yellow buoys program was initiated several years ago in an effort to alert boater of milfoil beds and to encourage them to avoid these areas.

Please be respectful and stay clear of all yellow buoys as cutting of these weeds encourages the spread of this invasive species. It also creates an unsightly mess on cottage shorelines.

Below is an example of the milfoil collected over one weekend in a small area next to the dock.

Water Level Monitoring

Although not very scientific, the FLP has been monitoring the water levels based on a fixed point versus the water level. This monitoring has been ongoing for the past 3 years.

The levels consistently drop approximately 11-12 inches per year from ice-out (typically late April or early May) until the lake freezes (sometime in December). The variable from year to year seems to be with the water level in the springtime. This can be affected by the amount of snow load, spring run-off and speed of thaw.

We believe that there is little to no effect on water levels associated with the small dam on private land in Point Comfort. Please note that the FLP has neither influence nor involvement with water level management. We are simply monitoring the levels for data collection and watching for trends.


Author: FLP

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