Constitution of the Friends of Lake Pemichangan


The association shall be known as the “The Friends of Lake Pemichangan” (the FLP).


The purpose of the FLP shall be to preserve the unspoiled ecological state of the lake, the shoreline and the surrounding territory so that fish and wildlife can flourish, and cottagers, residents and casual transitory users can continue to enjoy to the fullest the natural beauty and pristine condition of the lake.  More particularly, the FLP shall carry out without pecuniary gain the following objectives:

  1. Preserve water quality;
  2. Protect shoreline and surrounding territory;
  3. Promote adequate bylaw and building code provisions to maintain beauty of developed areas;
  4. Preserve appropriate habitat for and protection of fish and game;
  5. Educate cottagers on their responsibilities to help maintain the water quality and surrounding habitat of Lake Pemichangan;
  6. Establish effective working partnerships with municipal managers and elected representatives;
  7. Establish liaison with neighbouring associations and organizations;
  8. Plan sporting events and social activities for members;
  9. Provide members an opportunity to air problems and complaints; and
  10. To keep members informed on political, environmental, zoning and by-law issues which directly affect the Lake and issues covered by the foregoing.


The area of interest (the “Area of Interest”) of the FLP shall be limited to the lands within Lake Pemichangan watershed, a map of which is attached hereto as Schedule “A”.


(a)  Membership. Any individual who owns real property bordering Lake Pemichangan (each a “Property Owner”) shall, upon the payment of the prescribed fees, become a member (a “Member”) of the FLP.  In addition, each member of the immediate family of a Property Owner having 18 years of age, including all common law partners, shall upon payment of the prescribed fees become a Member.

(b)  Right to Vote. Each real property bordering Lake Pemichangan shall have assigned to it one vote on matters brought before the FLP, which may be exercised by the Property Owner who is a Member or their representative who must also be a Member.

(c)  Idem. The board of directors (the “Board”) reserves the right to grant membership, with a right to vote on matters brought before the FLP, to any other individual demonstrating an interest in Lake Pemichangan and satisfying the prescribed membership fees.

(d)  Restriction on Right to Vote. Only Members, as described in 4(b) and 4(c), shall have the right to vote on matters put forth before the FLP.  For further clarity, any person having 18 years of age and who owns real property or occupies real property in the Area of Interest under lease or annual equivalent shall, upon the payment of prescribed fees, become a non-voting Member of the FLP for the period of such lease.


Membership in the Association shall terminate:

a)    by resignation;
b)    upon failure to pay the prescribed fees during two successive calendar years;
c)    by loss of property or other qualification for membership; or
d)    upon death of the individual.


The affairs of the FLP shall be managed by the Board to be chosen in the manner provided in the by-laws of the FLP.


The Board may from time to time, repeal, amend or re-enact by-laws for the furtherance of the objectives of the FLP.


The Board may from time to time appoint a committee or committees composed of such directors and members of the FLP as the Board may deem proper, to deal with specific matters of interest to the FLP and may prescribe the functions and duties of such committee or committees.


The FLP Constitution may be amended from time to time by the Board, on a majority vote, such amendments to be approved by 2/3 of the voting Members present at a duly constituted General Meeting.